The Productive Academic

Teaching Basic Research Skills in Online Workshops

The typical workshop at ViaX focuses on a substantive issue. In my case, for example, I teach classes on China’s Belt & Road Initiative and US-China Relations. But students also benefit from general improvement in their academics skills, from data collection to writing.   Teaching research skills in online workshops presents a set of specific … Continue reading Teaching Basic Research Skills in Online Workshops

Problem-Based Learning For Busy People

People are busy these days. The entire higher education industry is facing growing pressure to develop more flexible methods to complement traditional, multiyear degrees with full-time residence on a campus.   At ViaX, we deal with this issue all the time. Our students are mostly enrolled in a full-time degree program elsewhere, so their ability … Continue reading Problem-Based Learning For Busy People

Five Tips for Online Teaching

On a basic level, online teaching is not any different from traditional classroom teaching. The instructor imparts knowledge to students using a variety of methods, ranging from lecturing to discussion and group assignments. However, the use of online technology does require paying attention to a few specific challenges.   To help my fellow instructors take … Continue reading Five Tips for Online Teaching

Teaching Online With Zoom

Advances in information technology provide exciting opportunities for online education. One particularly important development is the availability of real-time teaching platforms that allow students to participate from anywhere in the world. Real-time online teaching was for the longest time a major problem. Problems with internet connection would make interaction awkward and unproductive, so that the … Continue reading Teaching Online With Zoom